Fast Food Visuals  — Look and feel of your neighboring loving pizza place.   





Your knowbn Pizza place.

The pizza place is named after a guy you all know. His name is Rodo; but you may know him as Cuzz, Mate, Pal, Cousin. It is your neighbourhood place where you know the “Cuzz”. American lettering typography with a character of a “Cuzz” with mandatory signature mustache.

The signage was applied to all sorts of printed materijals. Menus, price lists, exterior sign, pizza box. The brand was very well known becausse its specific nameiong with the charatcer of the “Cuzz”. Afortunaly the priject went south. The rising sea forbade all attempts to bale out the boat. The oars were useless as propellers, performing now the office of life-preservers. So, cutting the lashing of the waterproof match keg, after many failures Starbuck contrived to ignite the lamp in the lantern; then stretching it on a waif pole, handed it to Queequeg as the standard-bearer of this forlorn hope when the river ended.

Character design for the mascot of the fast food place and logo lettering. 

… was a Croatian entrepreneur and president of the NK Croatian volunteer .s

He was mostly remembered by humorous statements in which he often criticized his players and people in public life, especially from sports and politics. “Cuzz” , was a Croatian entrepreneur and president of the NK Croatian volunteer.


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