Street art is about revitalizing public spaces

Available in stores and online offering customers a purchasing experience adapted to today’s modern shopping trends and designed for people who are looking for alternative solutions. The aim is to combine simplicity and quality of local goods, personalize quantity and create customized packaging.


            The project created by Nikola Radovani —the goal idea is to revitalise the public space of a children’s playground area that has been neglected.  Large-scale – human-sized game courtyard for Ludo game [associates] Vedran Kudnic & Igor Mijatovic. 

     Nikola is a very talented Art Director based in Lausanne but working in France and Croatia clients and projects all over the world.

     My work has been featured in many different magazines and brands in her portfolio are from small local businesses to international corporations.

Simple graphic intervention in the urban space, during the graffiti jam. Kids are loving it. 


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