Putnikovic wines is a old brand of with my new bottle redesign.

The bottles form part of the new Putnikovic Wine range, a complete relaunch and redesign of the retailer’s mid-level own-label range which aims to give the mid-tier own-label more of a group identity and make it easier for consumers to identify them on shelf.


            Project created by Nikola Radovani [en] Winemakers often obsess over every miniscule detail in the vinification process as they bid to create the perfect wine that expresses the majesty of its terroir in devastating fashion. But all those months spent analysing the soil, giving the vines tender loving care and experimenting to the nth degree to arrive at a flawless blend simply go out the window if the label design is not up to scratch.

     Laura is a very talented Art Director based Paris but working in France and Tel Aviv for clients and projects all over the world.

     Her work has been featured in many different magazines and brands in her portfolio are from small local businesses to international corporations.

 Redesigning a package that’s been working for your company comes with inherent risks. Here, leading package designers describe how best to meet these challenges, and well-established wineries reflect on their most recent redesign experiences.



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